Open or Disposable Pod - Which is the best?

With vaping turning the heads of youth and smoking quitters, it has developed for itself an audience in readers too. With confusion and queries rising in the minds of new vapers, one can never know enough about it instantly. From the types of devices to flavors, the vape industry is always ready with surprises and questions.

One of the latest doubts in the minds of vapers is which one to choose, an open or disposable pod system? If you are also hovered by the same doubts then here is some help. This brief comparison of both systems can clear up your dilemmas.

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Disposable Pod Systems

As it goes by the name, disposable pods are ready-to-use pods with pre-filled liquids and non-rechargeable batteries. They are single-use pods that are draw-activated and can be disposed off after the liquid is finished.The pod comes well fitted with a liquid tank and a battery efficient enough to let you use the vape juice completely. All you have to do to enjoy the vape is start puffing.


  • No maintenance required
  • Easy to use
  • No charging or refills required
  • Leakproof


  • Nicotine strength can’t be altered manually
  • Not customizable for flavors
  • Comes with issues like spit backs
  • Not all devices provide a wholesome vaping experience.
  • Battery restrictions

Open Pod Systems

To fit in a customizing window in disposable pod systems, an open pod system was developed. These pods have refillable tanks and replaceable coils. A great battery and bigger juice tank make the open pod system rise to popularity swiftly. With the open pod system, you can choose your personal favourite flavor and can also opt for your trusted brand of vape juice or coil.


  • Great vaping experience
  • Extensive flavor options
  • Manageable nicotine strength
  • Customizing freedom


  • Requires refilling and charging
  • Not convenient to use
  • Portability issues


Though it is always a vaper’s personal choice but following comparisons can help you make a better choice from both the pod types:

Value for money- Though a disposable pod is cheaper to buy for single use but in a long term, it is more economical to buy an open pod system considering the freedom of changing parts rather than the whole pod.

Performance- Honestly, the performance of a vape is determined more by the brand you are choosing so it makes no big difference if you choose an open or disposable pod system. If you buy a good brand then both options will pay well. Aroma King disposable vape pods are a great brand that you can try.

Maintenance- Since disposable pods are meant to be disposed of, you can rest at ease at the maintenance front in them while with an open pod system you have to keep it clean, refill, recharge, etc. So you can see the clear winner on this parameter.

Final words about both the pod systems will definitely be that it is all up to your preferences for vaping. Both are great in their own manners.

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