Aroma King's Disposable Vape Pods - The Perfect Way to Vape!

Are you looking to vape, but don’t want to invest in buying your own vape pen? If so, you’re in luck! Aroma King has come out with disposable vape pods that are incredibly user-friendly and super affordable. Check out this blog from Aroma King all about their new Vapour Vape Pods below

What is a vape pod?

A vape pod is a closed system, which means there is no open draw. You don’t have to worry about e-liquids leaking and leaving a mess in your pocket, purse or bag. Also, you don’t have to worry about leaks onto your clothes, car seats or furniture. Disposable vape pods are made of high-quality materials and offer an attractive design that goes with most lifestyle styles and preferences. They also have enough power for moderate usage (300 puffs per pod). Another advantage of Aroma King disposable pods is convenience; you can use them almost anywhere at any time with ease because they are self-contained units that fit easily into your pocket or purse.

How does it compare to other smoking methods?

Vaporizer pens are an excellent way to consume both dry herb and concentrates, but their price tags can be a little prohibitive. That’s where disposable pod systems come in. Pod systems offer many of the same advantages as vaporizers (discreet use, high-quality vapor) at a fraction of the price. Aroma King’s disposables are available in three nicotine strengths (0%, 3% and 6%) with more options on their way soon. Plus, they’re easy to use, portable and come in four flavors: vanilla custard, mango passionfruit, blueberry cheesecake and berry wild.

Why should I try Aroma King disposable pods?

Aroma King disposable vape pods are a convenient and clean way to vape while on-the-go. Unlike other disposable pod systems, Aroma King offers a full 1ml of ejuice with each refill, making it one of our most affordable products available in stores. Whether you’re looking for something affordable, a break from your current system or as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, try Aroma King disposable pods for a hassle-free vaping experience.

6 Reasons why you will love our disposable vape pods

  1. Our cartridges have been expertly handcrafted using only top-shelf ingredients;
  2. Each pod contains 2mL of our very own premium e-juice, giving you a full day’s worth of vaping (or more, depending on your habits);
  3. Enjoying our pods couldn't be simpler: just pop one into your device and you're ready to go;
  4. They’re compatible with a wide range of devices from both big brands and up-and-coming start-ups; 5. Our disposable vape pods use pre-filled coils for easier maintenance;
  5. Each pod lasts for about 300 puffs – which should last at least a whole day if you vape regularly.
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