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While nothing can be deemed 100% safe from harm, vapes don't produce tar or carbon monoxide, which are two of the most harmful elements in tobacco smoke. The NHS have however stated that they're classed as 95% less harmful than regular tobacco and cigarette smoking.
Taping is a popular switch for those to want to pack tobacco smoking in for good. With such a wide variety of vaping products to choose from on our vape online store, it can often be difficult to decide which one is best for you. One that's been highly recommended for first time vapers is the Nord 2 by SMOK. This brand is bar far one of the best in the world and the SMOK Nord 2 is fantastic for those who are new to vaping world as it's easy to use, stylish compact and reasonably priced. A great choice for a newbie.
Cigarette-like e-cigarettes Small, discreet and feels similar to a traditional cigarette. Featuring pre-filled, one-use cartridges that screw on to a rechargeable battery. These basic 'starter' kits are the easiest to use, and are great for those who want to slowly ease themselves into vaping. Classic vape kits or 'MTL kits These vapes are often called 'MTL'(mouth-to-lung). The nifty, hand-held device features refillable tanks. These tanks can be filled with e-liquid in a wide range of flavours &strengths. Whilst they're similar to the starter e-cigarettes, contain the coil and tank as a single unit, which is then attached to the device. The pods are easy to replace and are one of the simplest devices to use. They produce a subtle amount of vapour and are well-suited to beginners. Sub ohm vape kits or 'DTL kits' Sub Ohm devices are for more advanced users. You need a bit more 'know how' when setting-up and operating the device. The style of vaping is also different due to the SubOhm Coils, which are heating elements within the device. Sub Ohm kits come in a range of shapes and colours. They are similar to classic kits, in that they consist of a refillable tank and battery, the difference is that these devices are created for 'DTL'(direct-to-lung) vaping. The cloud production is bigger and users will in hale the vapour directly into their lungs.
Vape machines are different than regular tobacco cigarettes, in the sense that they are used very differently. The style in which you use a vape is obviously similar to traditional smoking, however unlike regular smoking, you can continue to vape until you're satisfied with your nicotine intake, unlike finishing once the cigarette has finished. Coils are the heating elements inside an e-cigarette. These coils vaporise the e-liquid, and they need to be replaced regularly. Depending on the usage, these are normally replaced around once a week. The heating element can become less efficient the more the device is used. This is due to the build-up of carbon on the coil, which is produced by the e-liquid. To feel the benefits of swapping from traditional smoking, your nicotine level must be equal (or somewhat higher) to your previous tobacco cigarettes. E-Cigarettes are different to regular smoking which is why you must ensure your nicotine level whilst vaping is right for you. Making the switch can improve your health within weeks of doing so, and is proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes. Whilst vaping isn't classed as good for you, it's most definitely safer than traditional smoking.
Everyone's needs are different, which is why there is no one individual product to suit all. If you're a traditional smoker then the MTL (mouth-to-lung) vapes are recommended, due the similar style in which you're used to experiencing. They provide the user with a nicotine throat hit, just like a regular cigarette. If you normally prefer using a Shisha, aSub Ohm vape kit would be the best choice due to offering a denser vaping experience and more intense vaping production. Browse our collection of vape kits on our vape store online here.
Yes, they are both the same thing, just using different names. Both are battery powered and contain liquid.
There is a huge range of vape manufacturers globally, however ones that come highly recommended time and time again are brands such as SMOK, Innokin, VooPoo and Aspire. As we mentioned, each user is different and wants different things from their vaping experience. On our vape online UK store, we have a huge variety of different vape kits which suit different people’s needs.
For those of you making the switch from traditional smoking, users can often be taken aback by the price of vapes. We wouldn't spend £40 on a packet of cigarettes, but the higher end vapes are roughly around that price. What we often initially don't take into account is that once you've bought your kit and juices, you're actually saving a fortune in the long run compared to buying cigarettes every day. One bottle of30ml e-juice is roughly the equivalent (in terms of hits) to smoking around 2.5packets of cigarettes, a huge difference. Especially when some top of the range juices can often cost less than £10. Starter kits range from around £20-£30, and more advanced (Sub Ohm) ones are roughly priced at around £40. The kits include everything you need to start vaping, or items can be purchased individually. We also offer a range of cheap vape juice on our vape store online.
There are plenty of tobacco liquids on the market, however none of them are identical to the 'real thing'. While vaping may be an alternative to smoking, they aren't actually the same thing. The lack of tobacco flavour products available is actually a good thing, especially for those who want to kick the habit or good. We provide a wide range of cheap vape juice on our vape online UK store.
In a nutshell, no. Smoking laws vary from country to country, even some private businesses prefer you not to vape inside their premises even though it's not illegal. You would need to check with the establishment or on your local government website for your area.
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