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INNOKIN Prism T18E coils

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    The Innokin Endura T18 Coils for the Prism T18 Tank used in the Endura T18 Vaping Kit.

    Vape coils are a fundamental element in your e-cigarette. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to vape at all. They are responsible for heating your e-liquid and turning it into a vaporised state, ready for you to inhale the deliciousness.

    Key features of our Prism T18E coil are as follows:

    • Innokin JEM Coils
    • Manufactured from 100% Japanese organic cotton
    • No-Spill system

    Your Prism T18E coil will need to be replaced when the flavour of your e-liquid starts to taste weak, but thanks to the convenient setup of most atomizers this is easily achieved. You will simply need to buy a packet of replacement Prism T18E coil for your e-cig, remove the old coil and pop a new one in! It's important to make sure you buy the correct coil for your e-cigarette model and make.

    You’ll probably find that you need to change the coil every few weeks, or a little more if you’re more of a heavy vaper. You’ll know it’s time to change the Prism T18E coil if your vape clouds are significantly reduced in size, if there’s not much flavour from your e-liquids, or if there’s a strange or burnt taste to your vape. The longer you continue to vape with a burnt coil, the nastier your e-liquid will taste. In some cases, your device may even stop completely, which is something you’ll wish to avoid.

    Due to the various shapes and sizes of vape devices created, choosing a coil that is compatible with your device is key as mentioned before. If you select a coil that doesn’t fit together with your vape, you will find it difficult to vape correctly and achieve maximum performance. With multiple more coils and thicker wick, you will enhance the flavour produced and create larger clouds which is why our Prism T18E coil comes in a Pack of 5 coils.

    Contents: 1.5ohm coils

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