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  • The Elf Bar 600 is completely disposable, precharged and available in a multitude of delicious flavours. Made for convenience, this vape device is filled with nicotine salt-based e-liquid with no need to refill or charge. No buttons or mechanisms just inhale to vape. Then once the battery is depleted simply throw it away (safely of course). No need to change any pods or coils, Elf bar disposables are just easy to use vape devices with fantastic flavour.

    Disposable vapes can be a great way for a beginner vaper to enter the world of vaping without much of a monetary commitment. Starting with other complex vaping styles can be quite pricey, and if you don’t know much about vaping or the type of experience you are looking for, then it could be risky at the beginning. Since one of the biggest complaints from smokers is that vaping seems to be far too complicated compared to just lighting up a cigarette, disposable vapes can take all that hassle away. No topping up e-liquids levels, changing coils or charging the battery or trying to achieve the correct nicotine strength.

    Our elf bar disposables are designed for a mouth to lung inhale, coming with a high resistance coil and giving you that same sensation you’d get from a conventional cigarette. Most of our customers choose to use these for a week or two, before trying out our refillable vapes. However, we believe that the elf bar disposables will guide you as a simple step into the smooth transitioning from ‘smoker’ to ‘vaper’, due to its easy functions. Due to their simplicity, there will be no need for you to refill them, charge them or change their pods. They are evidently much easier than lighting up a cigarette, you simply just need to keep it on you at all times when out and about.

    This elf bar disposables product contains 20mg - nicotine salt strength. Salt nicotine infused pods are becoming the more preferred option amongst vapers, than the the usual e-liquid of choice for disposable vape kits, which are absorbed by your body more rapidly and can also be vaped at a higher strength without ending up tasting and feeling way too harsh for you to inhale.

    Small and easy to hold, Elf bar disposables are perfect for nights ins/nights out or even as a backup to your main vape kit.

    Most disposable units, especially the Elf bar produce a small amount of vapour for a smooth and fast-absorbing taste.

    With a 550mAh battery, the Elf bar disposables last for approximately 500-600 puffs.

    With the improved battery life, our elf bar disposables will comfortably last a heavy vaper for a whole day, giving you more or less the same number of puffs you would receive from smoking 20 pack of cigarettes.

    The pods that we offer for the elf bar disposables come in 24 different flavours, which include: grape, blueberry, watermelon, pink lemonade, banana ice, strawberry ice, cotton candy ice, blue razz lemonade, strawberry ice cream, cream tobacco, kiwi passion fruit guava, mango milk ice, energy ice, peach ice, strawberry banana, apple peach, pineapple peach mango, coconut melon, elf berg, lemon tart, blueberry sour raspberry, strawberry kiwi, strawberry energy and cola.

    Please follow the instructions and keep out of reach to children.

    ***Please note that this product and its flavours may contain traces of nuts.***

  • Elf bar disposables have an ergonomic and compact design, making them easy to hold and even better to transport.

    Key features include:

    • 500-600 puffs per elf bar
    • Prefilled with 1.3ml of E-Liquid
    • Complete with a 550mAh battery
    • Contains a 20mg Nicotine salt formulation
    • Stylised with a LED puff indicator
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